Transformation & Innovation

Transform to innovative thinking.

IoT Consultancy

As an IoT solution partner we provide end-to-end consultancy covering the entire spectrum of:

  • SMART DEVICES (embedded software)
  • IoT PLATFORMS (secure, scalable, cloud-based)
  • APPLICATIONS (mobile, web and enterprise).
IT transformation

With the ongoing emergence of new technologies, many IT departments are under pressure. As organizations face significant challenges, such as rising stakeholder expectations, flat or declining budgets, or increased globalization, they are turning to IT as a means to shape their business future.

Technology assistance

We help our clients transform their business through technology. Drawing upon our deep business and technical experience, we support the implementations of industry software packages and focus on finance, supply chain, CRM, HR, risk management and compliance.

Client-Side Program Advisory

We help support large-scale IT transformations including those that involve core ERP systems. We help our clients manage the overall transformation program, including the management of 3rd party vendors.

Finance Management

A successful business needs to excel and add value in every aspect of its operations. It sounds simple enough, but in today’s competitive market, it has never been harder, nor more important, to achieve. We provide a friendly, flexible and cost-effective solution for accounting/finance and business management for small, medium and large sized businesses.

IT risk and assurance

Our IT risk and assurance professionals can help your organization address the challenge of managing IT risks in a way that is in line with your business strategy. Underpinning our IT–related capabilities are our strengths and skills in day-to-day operations, management and strategic decision-making. This includes skills in the supporting areas of: